Destroying Strongholds:
Church and State


Church and State is an extended theological, philosophical and historical defense of the early Christian doctrines of nonresistance and separation. Theologically, it emphasizes the reality of Jesus' present reign, the reality of his kingdom now present among his people and the radical transformation the Spirit produces in a kingdom citizen's life. Having a real king of a real kingdom whose means and ends and way of life are radically different from the world's kingdoms necessitates separation.

Kingdom life is marked by moral purity, excellence, mutual submission within the Body of Christ, servanthood, forgiveness, love for all, a refusal to resist the evil man, active love of enemies, blessing them, praying for them and doing good to them just like King Jesus.

Jesus' lordship, kingdom and separation are foundational to the Christian life. These, along with Jesus' command to not resist the evil man and love enemies, mark out normal Christian life, a way of life uniformly considered normative during the first three centuries of Christian history.

Church and State presents nothing new or novel, but only attempts to defend the ancient, yet authentic, Christianity of our Lord and his Apostles.

Following Jesus' nonresistant way is the only option for the Christian.

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