Destroying Strongholds:
Christianity, War, and America's Salvation Story


Christianity, War, and America's Salvation Story is an effort to convince Christians to faithfully obey Jesus' commands to live nonresistantly and love enemies. It accomplishes this in several ways. First, is a review of the Scriptural foundations of Christian nonresistance, as well as a review of the historical commitment of the early church (ante-Nicene church) to nonresistance. This is followed by a consideration of God's use of war, why wars begin, and how wars are fought. Next is an examination of the impact of war on soldiers and civilians. While considering the impact of war on soldiers, moral injury, PTSD, as well as combat are considered.

The rest of the book consists of the destruction of America's salvation story, more properly called a myth. This is done by looking at America's war crimes, and delving into the historical record to determine the real reasons why America has gone to war. What we find is that the official story of America's wars is a fabrication. Americans have been told nothing but lies. America has, from its inception, fought wars for economic gain. In the early days of the Republic, America fought to extend its territory. Moreover, America has often committed horrific war crimes. The crimes reached a crescendo in World War II, and the Vietnam War. Today, America is committed to an unending war on terror, in which hundreds of thousands of innocents have died and millions of lives have been ruined. All this is claimed to be done in the name of freedom, freedom for Americans and freedom for others. Nothing could be further from the truth. The historical examination of America's official governmental documents, including the memoirs of central characters, definitively proves America's evil intentions and scheming to enter World War I and World War II, and many others.

America's salvation story rises and falls on the World War II ``good war'' narrative. This book, with readily available historical resources, shows that World War II was not a necessary war, was not fought in a just manner, and was not the ``good war'' many believe it to be.

Following Jesus' nonresistant way is the only option for the Christian.

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